Saviour Breath EP

by Dustin Erhardt

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released 10 May 2013



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Track Name: Waiting List
Holding on the wire for you
What does it prove
Maybe I need you to give up
I've been waiting so long for love

Am I only chasing a goose
It's a wretched pursuit
Down pull the rug from under us
I've been waiting too long for love

I'm just scared of the truth
I'm just too proud to lose
I've been waiting on a list
Waiting on a list for you

I couldn't stand to be on my own
But it's the reason I'm alone
No one ever did me like you did
I've been waiting too long for this

Yeah, it's a knockout blow
It's a raging bull
A Russian roulette
No more pretending
We're so close
You would keep me waiting
A lifetime more
And the more I say
The more I know
Track Name: Short Film
Searching for truth
In a world of liars
I was raised by it
I'm the biggest one

I need an exit
From this room on fire
But there isn't one
I'm a citizen
I'm standing on the edge
And I look so stunned

And my eyes roll back in my head
Where they're screening a movie
Of my life's greatest moments
And It's a short film

I fumble for my keys
But the blade broke off
In the front door lock
I'm standing on the edge
And I look so shocked

She opened her heart in cycles
Like the season's trees
She had a new ring for every year
Like an evergreen
But I cut her down
Track Name: Bye Now, So Long
If I were you
If I were you I would've walked away
By now, by now

If you only knew
I promise you wouldn't stick around
So long, so long
Bye now, bye now

I just need a break
From all these wicked lies
You just smile at me
'Cos you're the reason why

How long do I have to wait
Before I see another face like yours
How long did I suffocate
Before you broke the chokehold

In my mother's womb
I felt so strong
I've been so wrong

It's a mystery
How you came and found me
And saved my life
I've been so wrong

Now what am I to do
With all these thoughts
And what's the point
If I'm already gone

You saved my life
I've been so wrong
So long, so long
Bye now, bye now
Track Name: Perfect Life
I've got your love
But it's not enough
I though it was
But it's not enough
You had my soul
But it's not enough

Down the hall
Down the steps
Like a burglary in reverse
Down a glass of water first

Out of time
Out of breath
Open a window to feel a breeze
Out the house and on the street

You used to draw me pictures
Of my body with no face
As if I couldn't find the right emotion
I gave you everything
But couldn't give you my last name
And deep down
I always knew why
I never wanted a perfect life

I though you thought the game was over
We talked that morning and it was done
I didn't know you were not sober
And here we are again undone
Track Name: Window
She told her friend
I had a hold on her heart, and
I told my friend
Mine wasn't ready to love, and
Then I changed my mind
And she changed hers

My stepmother lost her battle
The cancer was just too strong
I told her I'd visit in a week or two
But I waited a week too long

I always miss my window

I know, my friends
Hearts weren't meant to stay broken
But when mine opens
I only love for a moment

I know I've got to lead a better life
My timing's never right
I've got to see a better light
Or is it too late?